Are You Following The Trend?

Packaging Trends Moving towards Eco Friendly Designs

Are You Following The Trend?

Let’s rewind the clock back ten years… did you pay much attention to what bins you put your packaging in? Did you worry about how many plastic bags you were using when you went to the grocery store? It’s unlikely! However, as time passes, we’re becoming more and more aware of the impact we’re having on the environment. We may not enjoy drinking out of paper straws quite as much, but we know it’s a necessity!

We all know that we have a role to play

The issue of global warming is no secret and most people are well aware of the trouble being caused to the planet by the use of harmful chemicals, the dumping of different materials, and the release of hazardous gases. Therefore, from making sure we recycle properly to purchasing eco-friendly products, it is imperative that we make a conscious effort to go green! Consumers are ready to play their part, but what about businesses? Finally, more businesses are going green with their packaging!

Body Shop is a company that has embraced eco-friendly packaging for years, but finally other brands are following suit. The high street giant Boots is one of the most significant along with Morrison’s. Next time you pop into Boots for some fake tan or one of their meal deals; you will notice strong paper bags instead of plastic bags this is a trend you will also now see in Morrison’s. This will save 900 tons of plastic by taking 40 million plastic bags out of circulation. Not only is this important in terms of the environment, but it is what consumers want too! Research, which involved polling 30,000 consumers across 60 countries, gained a great insight into this. The results showed packaging influenced consumer purchase decisions, with a large percentage saying that it was important for packaging to be made from recycled materials and the same percentage saying it should be biodegradable.

Will you be next?

There is no denying that eco packaging is becoming more and more prominent today, and rightly so! Just think about the good you could be doing by going green with packaging at your business. Not only can this help protect our planet, but it will work wonders in terms of boosting your brand image too. It’s a win-win! At Packaging World, you can find a great selection of eco-friendly packaging, from earring boxes to gift pouches. Make your packaging eco-friendly, for the benefit of the planet and your brand image! Our designs are not only eco-friendly, they look good too! For more information take a look at our website

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