Large Letter Friendly Packaging!

Why Large Letter Packaging can benefit your company!

Large Letter Friendly Packaging!

Large Letter Friendly Packaging

Choosing how to best deliver parcels to your customers can be difficult, but your branding, the price and customer convenience should be top of the list!
The Royal Mail categorizes post by size and weight; ranging from small letters to large parcels. Large-letter dimensions are 35.5cm x 25cm x 2.5cm.

A Large Letter is much cheaper to post than a small parcel. The difference can be up to £2.17 when posting second class! Below are comparative price tables for a Large Letter and a Small Parcel:
  Weight 1st Class 2nd Class
Large Letters 100g £1.60 83p
  250g £1.50 £1.32
  500g £1.97 £1.72
  750g £2.72 £2.33
Small Parcels 1kg £3.55 £3.00
  2kg £5.50 £3.00

A Large Letter size package is the perfect size for many things! Whether you are posting an item of clothing, jewellery, electronics, magazines/thin books, documents or photographs!
Instead of posting your items in an envelope, you can use a Large Letter Packaging Box! Packaging boxes are built to be strong and sturdy so you have the peace of mind that whatever you are posting will arrive safely to your customer.

Packaging boxes can be custom branded for your company as well, so the moment the delivery arrives in your customers’ hands they are seeing your name and your branding!
We have many great Large Letter friendly packaging products at Packaging World.
Our luxury rigid presentation boxes, our Lily and Bluebell range and our eco-friendly Poppy Range all come in a variety of shapes and dimensions, many of which are Large Letter friendly.
Just search ‘large letter’ on our website to find an extensive list of large-letter-friendly packaging solutions that will suit any need!
Not only are these packaging products Large-Letter friendly, but they are also luxurious and attractive in appearance. Available in a huge range of styles, colours, and finishes, (and your logo if desired!), our packaging boxes are guaranteed to impress any receiver, and will undoubtedly put a smile on their face.  The Poppy Range is even great for the environment because it is made from sturdy cardboard which can be reused and eventually recycled. You can therefore contribute to a sustainable world whilst you invest in a packaging product with great longevity!

Here are just some more benefits of making the change over to large letter friendly packaging:
- Cost Effective (As we have already mentioned), you can save yourself a small fortune by no longer posting items that do not fit through the average UK sized letterbox!
- Less packaging waste! As I am sure all business owners are aware sometimes it can be a nightmare to find that perfect piece of packaging to send out those awkward shaped products! This tends to result in over packaging and overfilling packages with filler items like paper or plastic! 
- Improves delivery rates how many times do you get home from a busy day at work to be greeted with that horrible "Sorry We Missed You Card" well when posting products that are suitable for large letter friendly packaging you can kiss this problem goodbye! Unless of course your customer does not have a letterbox
- Less plastic if you were to opt to send your products in an Eco-friendly Large Letter Packaging Box there would be no need for plastic in the entire process! This can be beneficial to the environment

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