Eco-Friendly Pillow Boxes, Perfect for Celebrations!

Lockdown, social-distancing or other pandemic

Eco-Friendly Pillow Boxes, Perfect for Celebrations!

Eco-Friendly Pillow Boxes, Perfect for Celebrations!  

Lockdown, social-distancing or other pandemic related issues may mean you have to cancel or scale down your scheduled celebrations for the rest of this year. Whether you have planned a wedding, a milestone birthday bash, a christening, retirement party or any other group celebration, you can still keep everyone involved and happy with the help of our eco-friendly pillow boxes.

Here are just a few ideas for your 2020 celebrations

  • If you have already had wedding favours made you can create a gift pack including the favour and a personalised card (explaining the circumstances, and that you still want them to have a little something they would have received on the day). Our eco-friendly pillow boxes are the perfect packaging to use for creating these gift packs. They look good and are ideal for posting too! (They fit through letterboxes easily!) This lovely gesture shows people that they mean so much to you.

  • There’s only so much cake you can eat, but there is no need to cancel your cake order, or get a smaller size! Why not plan to portion up your celebration cake and put a slice into our eco-friendly pillow boxes. You can then deliver these to your friends and family, leaving them safely on their doorsteps, as a little treat and a token that shows you were thinking of them during your celebrations.

  • If you are going ahead with your celebration, why not create a ‘safety first party favour’ for each guest? You could gift each person with a personalised face covering and a little bottle of hand sanitiser, neatly presented in an eco-friendly pillow box.

As you can see the current situation presents some unique uses for these handy little boxes, but they are also great for corporate use, such as sending branded items to potential clients to try and win their business.

Our eco-friendly pillow boxes are available in black, white and natural, and in a wide range of sizes. To make your gift or package stand out, they can be personalised for your event or company: we offer both hot foil printing or digital printing. They are delivered to you flat packed and do not require any glue or tape to put together, so it is easy to pop them open ready to use, and being 100% recyclable is always a plus in our books.

If you have any other packaging needs, take a look at our wide range of options, from leatherette jewellery boxes to delicate organza gift pouches and added extras such as ribbon and tissue paper. If you can’t find what you are looking for <<here>> then feel free to contact us on or 01792 473 785, we are always happy to help.