Our Donation to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Our Donation to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Here at Packaging World, we want to do something to show our support for the people of Ukraine and help them cope with the devastating war taking place. Whilst the war has been ongoing for over a month now, it is far from over, and sadly, the Ukrainian people will feel the effects for many months and years to come.


For one week, from 04-April to 10-April, we’ll donate 10% of our sales to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. In addition to that, the UK Government are matching every £1 donated to the DEC, which is excellent news as it essentially doubles our donation!


So for every order made through www.packagingworld.co.uk between the 04-April and 10-April, 20% (10% from us, and the government's matching 10%) of what you spend will go directly to helping people living in an active war. It won’t cost you any extra, and is a way to show our support for Ukraine.


If you’re looking for other ways to help the people of Ukraine during this troubling and challenging time, you can do lots of things. Here are just some ideas.


Donate to Charities


You can donate directly to charities that are supporting Ukrainian people. Do some research to ensure they are reputable charities that will provide the best support to those in need.  


Donate Supplies


You can donate supplies in several different ways. In most communities, people are rallying around to gather urgently needed supplies to donate to people who need them most. This includes delivering to Ukrainian refugees here in the UK and delivering directly to people still in Ukraine. Some groups are looking for essential items such as toiletries and food; in other cases, people need warm clothing. Some groups are even collecting medical aid packs for delivery to the front line. Facebook is an excellent place to start looking for a local group.


Purchase from a Ukrainian Seller on Etsy


Etsy has removed all fees for Ukrainian sellers, which means if you purchase a digital file from a seller in Ukraine, they’ll receive all the money and won’t need to post anything from an active war zone.


Donate with Gift Aid


If you’re donating to a charity, donate with Gift Aid. Any UK taxpayer who donates via Gift Aid allows charities to claim an extra 25p for every single pound donated. That might not sound like a lot, but it will enable them to increase donations by 25% and mean they receive an extra £25 from every £100 donated, which could make a big difference to the people who need it most.


If you’d like any further information about how we’ll be donating to charity, or you have any questions about placing an order, get in touch with our team today. Call 01792 473 785 or fill in our online contact form, and someone will be in touch shortly.