Our Environmental Goals

Our Environmental Goals

Here is how we have reduced emissions and plastic waste to become a more environmentally conscious company!


Reducing Single-Use Plastics

Each year 400 million tonnes of plastic are produced, and 40% of that is single-use. Single-use plastics are horrendous for the environment because they are difficult to recycle and so usually end up in landfills or as litter. To reduce single-use plastics in our company, we do not wrap our products in a plastic film, and we do not provide plastic cups, cutlery, bags, containers, or pens for our employees.


Removing Plastic from Our Packaging

Plastics never disappear once they are produced. Instead, plastics break down into tiny particles called microplastics that make their way into our food and water supply. Microplastics pose severe health risks to humans and kill wildlife when digested. The only way to stop the plastic crisis is to stop producing plastic. That is why we designed plastic-free packaging composed of sustainable alternatives materials.


Buying In Bulk

Ordering large quantities of stock at once instead of multiple small orders reduces the frequency of shipping. Bulk buying is beneficial to the environment because less fuel is required to transport the goods; hence less pollution is emitted.


Reusing Jiffy Bags

Padded envelopes (jiffy bags) use composite materials: paper, plastic, bubble wrap, and glue. Jiffy bags are not easily recyclable because it is difficult to separate the materials. At Packaging World, we reuse jiffy bags to reduce the amount that ends up in a landfill.


Employee Engagement and Awareness

It is vital to implement sustainability measures in all aspects of our business. That is why we encourage our employees to engage in environmentally friendly practices like cycling or walking to work to reduce transport emissions.


Creating Sustainable, Recyclable Packaging

Our Eco-Friendly line of packaging is 100% recyclable. We offer a range of gift boxes and bags made of Eco Kraft: a card made from recycled Kraft paper with great tear-resistance and a high degree of stiffness. Kraft Paper decomposes naturally, leaving no trace on our planet. Our eco-friendly gift pouches are composed of 50% linen and 50% cotton. Both materials are biodegradable when untreated, and linen is one of the most environmentally sustainable fibres because it grows with little water and no chemical inputs. It is incredibly durable so that you can reuse our bags for years.


To learn more about Packaging World and to purchase our eco-friendly packaging, visit https://www.packagingworld.co.uk