Our Top 10 Tips To Help You Deal With The Christmas Rush!

Keep yourself out of trouble this festive season

Our Top 10 Tips To Help You Deal With The Christmas Rush!

How can you avoid that festive rush?......

 The festive season arrives at the same time every year, and while the date never changes, it seems we are all scrambling to get things in order, having waited until the last second to do it!

Whether you are buying for your family or buying for your business, you need to get yourself in gear and get organised.

So, from festive packaging to planning the family seating for a festive lunch, you need a plan. Preparing for the festive season and avoiding the rush? It starts right now. Let’s look at ten tips for staying ahead of the game this year!

 1.Make a plan for the family. Choose whether you are hosting, or you are visiting and get it locked into the calendar. Then as you’re so organised why not be creative with the table decorations this year you’ll have plenty of time to plan, purchase what you need and get cracking with the hot glue gun!

 Look at these awesome table settings you can take inspiration from: http://bit.ly/2XhWNPK

2.Order food for your festive menu as soon as you can, so you don’t have to worry about throwing a turkey dinner in the microwave. You can avoid the festive rush by booking your delivery slot weeks in advance. Don't forget - or you really will be elbow-to-elbow and fighting over the Pâté. 

3. Start baking now. Christmas cake takes weeks to soak and sit, breads and biscuits can be made and frozen, to save you time later.

 Here’s one funky Christmas cake recipe that will be sure to get you in that festive spirit : http://bit.ly/36VTLVL

4.Master your gift list. You may only have one payday before the holiday season begins, and it is this payday that should be your gifting payday. You may have been smart enough to save up all year round, but the majority of people don’t and panic buy. Don't panic, just buy.

It may be sad but we suggest a spreadsheet with everyone’s name and gift ideas included this is also a great way to keep you on budget as you can add in the price of the goods as you go!

5.Wrap the presents early. Are you buying for your family or your co-workers? Either way, you need festive packaging to reflect how good the gifts are!

Keep an eye out on our website over the next few weeks as our pre personalised packaging ranges will be going live soon!

 6.Order your festive packaging for your business. If you are selling online - whether a big business or a small one - you need to have some festive packaging that is going to show off your brand.

We suggest just adding a bit of festive cheer to your current designs by maybe just trying a different printing colour or foil colour to help your brand stand out!

 7.As your gifts start to be delivered to your house or office, start wrapping in your festive packaging as you go – This way you will not lose presents or forget who you have bought for as you can organize them into neat little piles ready for Santa to collect!

 8.Post out all your festive cards at the beginning of December so that everything arrives on time. Don't leave them in your bag, desk or car. Seriously, don’t. Your grandma won’t be pleased.

9.Deck the halls and the lounge and every room in the house.

10.Double check EVERYTHING…..then sit down and open the baileys and enjoy a festive mince pie!