Special Occasion Packaging!

Special Occasion Packaging!

Special Occasion Packaging
Choosing the right packaging for the special occasion gifts you purchase will make your gifts extra special. Whatever the occasion, Packaging World has the perfect solution!


Packaging for Christmas
Christmas is just around the corner, and most of us are starting to think about what to buy for friends and family this year. As hopeful as we all are for a normal Christmas, the truth is things are likely to be different. Maybe you will be posting your gifts to loved ones instead of presenting them in person, or maybe Christmas day will be the first time you’ve seen a loved one in person in many months. Either way, you want your gifts this year to be extra special, so the presentation and packaging are more important than normal. Our rigid presentation boxes come in a wide range of sizes, perfect for any size and shape of the gift. These boxes are sturdy enough to protect breakable or fragile items and are suitable for posting as well. What’s more, we offer a stunning range of personalised Christmas boxes too. These boxes come in a choice of sizes, with a choice of Christmas scenes, and each box can be personalised with a name or names.


Packaging for Anniversaries
Anniversaries celebrate relationships that deserve a truly special gift. After purchasing the perfect gift, you need to wrap it in a way that does its justice! Packaging World has an assortment of luxury gift boxes in a range of sizes that would suit almost any gift you choose. What’s more, is that our digital printing service allows you to design and print any message or image onto the packaging to make it extra special.


Packaging for Milestone Birthdays
Milestone birthday gifts are another occasion that can be made extra special with luxury packaging. If you are buying an expensive watch, a broach, or a ring, how will you present it? You could use the box it came in and wrap it in paper, but a luxury gift box takes it to another level. The gift box not only presents the gift in the best possible way, but it can be used for storing the item when not in use, or for handing down to new generations. Why not print a lasting message on the box with Packaging World’s digital printing service.


Packaging for Wedding Gifts
Make your wedding gift stand out from the rest by presenting it in a luxury gift box and personalise it with a digital message. This could be anything from a good wish for the future to a quote that is meaningful to the couple. The digital print message and design are entirely up to you; we can accommodate any creative design on our extensive range of packaging.


Packaging for Graduations
A graduation is a one-time-only event that will be remembered forever. The graduation photo is important, but so too is a memorable graduation gift. Luxury packaging from Packaging World comes in various sizes and can accommodate everything from picture frames to jewellery. The right packaging, with a personalised message printed on the front, lets your graduate know how much you care!


Whatever special occasion you have coming up, Packaging World has the perfect way to present your gift!


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