Why Sustainable Packaging is the Way to Go!

So....your latest online order has been delivered! But it turns out there is more packaging than product!

Why Sustainable Packaging is the Way to Go!

Consumers and companies have a duty to try and help the environment, and the packaging industry is an easy way to start! Look for suppliers who offer a sustainable packaging alternative and choose accordingly. Sustainable packaging should become an expectation of consumers, not a nice benefit.

Sustainable packaging is not just about whether the product can be reused or recycled but also the source of materials and the manufacturing process. As e-commerce becomes more common, the carbon footprint of delivering products must be taken into consideration as well, so sustainable packaging needs to be lightweight, but robust.

Examples of sustainable options are products made from compressed natural materials and paper alternatives. Natural materials like mushroom and coconut fibres are usually by-products of industries such as farming so, in turn, these products minimise waste in other sectors. They are renewable and biodegradable, which makes them sustainable in the long term.

Paper made from products like bamboo or sugarcane (and even sheep poo!) is increasing in popularity and is a great alternative to wood-based paper. Soy-based inks, and acid-free tissue result in reduced exposure to bleach, inks and dyes and are ways to manufacture with less harm to the consumer, or the environment.

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be boring! Just because you want to be eco-friendly, doesn’t mean everything has to be brown and tied with twine! Sustainable packaging can be custom printed, dyed with natural inks and tailor designed for your company, and will still be friendly for the environment!

Sustainable packaging is often designed to have a secondary function, for example a box might be designed to transform into a display container, packaging could be framed as a work of art, or a beautiful perfume bottle might be designed to be used as a vase. It should be so beautiful and practical the customer doesn’t want to part with it. It could be a luxury box that is used again to store jewellery or trinkets, a bag for life that is used for gardening, or a velvet ribbon that is saved for wrapping gifts.

So, whether you are a consumer or a business you can make a huge difference by asking for your packaging to be eco-friendly. To begin your journey with sustainable packaging, visit Packing World today. We sell business branded, personal, and customised packaging that is made from sustainable materials, so it is eco-friendly and fit for any occasion. We are expanding our eco-friendly packaging range and have recently stopped using plastic in the manufacture of our products in our goal of becoming as Green as possible.