You’ll Fall in Love with These Valentine’s Day Gift Packaging Ideas!

You’ll Fall in Love with These Valentine’s Day

You’ll Fall in Love with These Valentine’s Day Gift Packaging Ideas!

You’ll Fall in Love with These Valentine’s Day Gift Packaging Ideas

 Whether its chocolates, jewellery, a beautiful scent or a life-sized cuddly toy, you can add a little bit of something extra to the Valentine’s Day gift you’ve chosen for your loved one by making sure you choose the packaging as carefully as you did the gift. The right packaging can make the outside of your gift just as appealing as the inside. Plus anticipation is half of the joy of opening a present, so the prettier it looks, the longer they will linger over the opening of it.

 When it comes to packaging we certainly know our stuff, so we'll share with your our (expert) opinion on how best to package your Valentines gift...

Gift Boxes

Has your loved one been dropping hints for a piece of jewellery they have their eyes on; a watch that they have on their wish list or something relating to a hobby? Whatever gift you have chosen for your Valentine it's important that you find a way to package it, and preferably in something that will give their present an additional "WOW" factor! We offer gift boxes that are perfect for any need! Whether you want a two-piece gift box that will reveal the present in full, with the grand lifting of the lid; or if you want to secure the present in a delicate pillow or cupcake box, we have you covered. All of our gift boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours.

 Gift Bags

If you are thinking of buying the love of your life multiple presents, then why not combine them all in a beautiful gift bag? Gift bags are also an excellent choice for alcohol as the receivers tend to handle them more carefully, ensuring no breakages, so if you're opting for a nice bottle of fizz or their favourite full-bodied red, you can pop it in a gift bag, that can remain upright and be carried by the handles. At Packaging World we have a great range of paper gift bags in embossed, glossy, or striped finishes available in a large range of colours. We also offer jute gift bags which are super strong and robust, so would be perfect for holding heavier items.

 Gift Pouches

Gift pouches can also be a great way to present jewellery or other smaller gifts. We supply gift pouches in a huge variety of materials (cotton, satin, velvet, suede or organza) and all different types of colours: so, you can choose one to perfectly reflect the present. You can use gift pouches on their own, or within packaging boxes or bags as an additional protective and aesthetic layer. 

 Once you’ve chosen the appropriate packaging for your gift there are a few little finishing touches you can add to give it a final flourish before presenting it to your Valentine.

 - Tissue paper: Perfect for lining gift boxes, or for covering gifts within gift bags.

- Ribbon: Adds a little touch of luxury to any present.

- Personalisation: This involves printing words or messages directly onto a packaging product, allowing your present to become unique.

 For more information and top tips on how you can create a special package for your gifts, visit us at Packaging World.

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