3 July - Plastic Bag Free Day

Article published at: Jul 3, 2023 Article author: Inspirational Packaging Article tag: Eco
Plastic Bag Free
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Plastic bags account for a huge amount of the plastic polluting our planet, with over 500 billion(!) plastic bags being used globally, many of which go to waste as litter.

With such a drastic figure, it’s no wonder the world faces a catastrophic climate battle as these plastic particles find their way into all areas of our planet’s ecosystems – including us!

Marine Life in Plastic
marine life in plastic
Marine animals are especially compromised when it comes to plastic waste, with more than 31 marine species having ingested plastic and over 100 species of seabirds ingesting plastic artefacts. Figures show that over 250 species have been caught in plastic waste, and roughly 8% of sea lions and seals have become entangled!

Humans are not free from this impact either, with plastic polluting our environment leading to the transportation of new invasive species. These are extremely detrimental to our wildlife and biodiversity, all of which finds its way into the food chain, and subsequently into us. I don’t think we need to tell you that consuming plastic isn’t exactly a healthy human diet!

Plastic in Landfill
plastic in landfill
The most incredible statistic we can highlight to showcase how unnecessary and avoidable this whole situation could be is that most plastic bags are only used for 25 minutes before being disposed of! That’s one trip home from the shop before throwing away a piece of toxic material that won’t compose for up to 500 years!

All this to say that we need to be more conscious of the impact small actions can have on the lives of everyone around the world, not just today, but for hundreds of years to come.

Recycling Plastic
recycle plastic
Plastic Bag Free Day – celebrated every July 3rd – is committed to bringing awareness about this pressing issue to people around the world, encouraging everyone to be more mindful of their actions, and hopefully inspire people to cut down on the amount of plastic – bags or otherwise – they use before needlessly throwing away.

This isn’t to say that all plastic is awful, as plastic can be a great material for reusable products that actively help the planet when used instead of cheap disposable products. Instead, we’re just proposing that disposable plastic products, such as plastic bags, can be easily substituted with long lasting replacements that will not only leave a positive impact on the planet, but save you money in the long run!

Eco-friendly Products
eco friendly boxes
As big proponents of eco-friendly and recyclable products, we proudly offer a wide variety of plastic-free packaging for you to choose from. From jewellery boxes to gift bags and tissue paper, our eco-friendly range of products not only help the planet, but they look great too, all while being gentle on your bank account!

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