Easter is Around the Corner

Article published at: Mar 22, 2023 Article author: Inspirational Packaging Article tag: Gift Wrap
Easter Day
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Celebrate Sustainably this Easter
easter day
Easter is a time of joy and celebration (and chocolate!), but it's important to remember the impact our celebrations can have on the environment. At Packaging World, we believe that environmentally-friendly practices should be at the forefront of all our celebrations, including Easter.
So What Can I Do?
You’re never too old for a homemade card. Making or receiving! Your mum will appreciate it, as it shows you’ve put in effort. Making homemade cards can also be adorable if you’re helping your kids come up with a Mother’s Day gift for your wife or partner, as there’s nothing more special than a homemade card from your little one. Don’t forget to add a personal, heartfelt message for extra brownie points! Why not have your kids create ‘ticket books’ of gifts for mum that she can use throughout the year? For example, 1 free car wash, 1 back rub, 1 hour of cleaning, etc. They don’t cost anything, and the kids will have a great time coming up with ideas!
Shop Sustainably
If you’re looking for a lovely and inexpensive gift from your children to their mum, there’s nothing better than framing a piece of their DIY artwork. So let your kids get creative with paints, pens, pencils, or anything else you have at home and then frame the beautiful results.
 DIY Decorations
A day out doesn’t need to be expensive, so why not head out and enjoy the Great Outdoors with your mum this Mother’s Day? Go for a walk, cycle, potter around the garden, hike, or whatever else your mum will enjoy. You’ll get to spend precious time together, enjoy the fresh air and keep healthy whilst you’re at it. You could give your mum a tree as a gift and use this time outdoors to find a great place to plant it. Good for the environment and a fun and unusual gift too!