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Article published at: Jun 30, 2022 Article author: Inspirational Packaging Article tag: Eco
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plastic free julyWhat is Plastic Free July?


Plastic Free July is a global movement where people are encouraged to be part of the solution to plastic pollution. The way to participate? Refuse single-use plastics for the whole month.


This movement aims to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint so that we can have a cleaner planet with clearer waters, air, and streets. It’s hoped that by joining the challenge for one month, people will see that they can reduce their use of single-use plastic with better organisation, clever swaps, and simple changes, and hopefully commit to doing these things long-term.


By joining the challenge, you’ll commit to reducing single-use plastic waste at home, work, and when you are out and about throughout the month. Every individual who chooses to participate in Plastic Free July will only make a small change, but collectively it will make a massive difference throughout the UK and worldwide.


So, What Can I Do?


If you’re not sure how to start cutting down on single-use plastics, here are some ideas:


  • Take a reusable cup when ordering takeaway coffee at a cafe or drive-through
  • Look for fruit and vegetables that aren’t wrapped in plastic when doing your shopping, and don’t bag them in plastic bags yourself. You can purchase reusable mesh fruit and veg bags or even just put the items directly into your shopping trolley
  • Take reusable shopping bags with you. If you forget yours, the stores often have leftover boxes you can use
  • Don’t buy water when you are out and about; instead, take a reusable bottle you can refill
  • Avoid buying food wrapped in single-use plastics, and visit a refillable store for cereals, grains, pasta, seeds, nuts and much more
  • Swap disposable razors for reusable products
  • Try using bar hand and body soap, and bar shampoo and conditioner rather than liquid soaps, shampoos and conditioners that come in plastic bottles


Our Commitment


As a company, we’re pledging to participate in Plastic Free July. Our employees will be saying no to single-use plastics as much as possible throughout July and hopefully beyond. Whilst single-use plastics can make life easier, it’s far more worthwhile to put in the effort to reduce and eliminate our use of them wherever we can for the good of the planet and the world around us.


At Packaging World, we’re committed to doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment. That’s why we are pushing toward eliminating plastic from our products as soon as possible. In addition, we use as much paper and card fromForest Stewardship Council® certified forests as we can and are transitioning as many of our existing products over with no change in quality for our customers.


If you want to learn more about our eco-friendly range of packaging products and how we’re making changes to become more sustainable, our team will be happy to chat with you. Give us a call on 01792 473 785 or fill in our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.