Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money and Help the Environment

Article published at: Sep 1, 2022 Article author: Inspirational Packaging Article tag: Eco
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eco-friendly and budget friendly packagingWith the news of a looming recession and the need for individuals and businesses to prepare for tough times by cutting costs, Packaging World is here to help small businesses. We've put together some ideas and tips on how to cut your costs whilst being as kind to the environment as possible and reducing your environmental footprint.

If you're already a Packaging World customer, you'll know how committed our team is to reducing our environmental impact, so suggesting ways that our customers can help to save the planet and money was a winning topic for us.

Read on for our tips.

  • Switch off electrical devices when not in use – this might seem obvious but switching things off entirely rather than leaving them on standby makes a big difference. Many small businesses leave computer monitors, printers, and other electrical devices turned on or on standby instead of switching them off completely; this impacts both the planet and their bills.

  • Put lights on a timer – leaving lights on in the office or other workspace when nobody is using them is a waste of money and natural resources. Put lights on a motion sensor or timer to ensure they switch off when not in use.

  • Promote public transport or car sharing – businesses should promote public transport or car sharing to and from the place of business. This will help everyone save money on fuel and transport costs and reduce overall emissions when commuting to and from work.

  • Have employees work from home – the chances are, your business had employees working from home during the height of the pandemic, so you know it's possible. By allowing employees the opportunity to work from home all or some of the time on an ongoing basis, you'll help them cut travel costs and emissions.

  • Introduce a cycle-to-work scheme – we love our cycle-to-work scheme here at Packaging World, and we have two members of staff who regularly cycle to work using it. Better for the environment, our employee's bank balances, health, and wellbeing!

  • Order stock in bulk quantities – this will save on multiple shipping costs, reduce fuel consumption from multiple deliveries and use less packaging to send small or loose items.

  • Ensure sea shipments are full – this ensures you're making the most of the available space and don't need to order multiple times. Air freights use 31 times more emissions than sea freights, so ensuring a sea freight is complete is the best way to reduce the number of emissions your business uses.

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