Apple’s Switch to a Greener Future

Article published at: Sep 27, 2023 Article author: Inspirational Packaging Article tag: Eco
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apple usb switchThe gadgets we use every day are designed to make our lives easier, but they also contribute to a negative impact on our planet. With the introduction of USB type C just a few years ago, many technology companies adopted this port as the new standard, making it easier for consumers to charge all their devices with just one cable. However, there was one hold out in Apple.

In case you don’t know, USB (Universal Serial Bus) has been around for a long time in many different forms. It’s essentially a port designed to make it easier to connect multiple devices together. You’re probably familiar with the old rectangular version you’ll find on your computer/laptop that you can never plug in the right way round first time. Well USB-C was designed to fix this issue by allowing you to plug it in either way around, while also slimming it down and improving the speed at which data is transferred. But that’s the boring stuff out of the way.

For many years, Apple has gone their own way with their Lightning port and cables. If you’ve ever asked a friend with an Android phone to borrow their charger, you’ll understand why this was frustrating to many. But recently, the EU passed a bill that would require all technology companies to use USB-C in any smart devices, in an act to cut down on electronic waste by limiting the need for different charging cables for different devices. So with the introduction of their new flagship iPhone 15 this month, Apple have finally joined the USB-C family for good. So what are the benefits of this?


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Reversible Design - USB-C connectors are reversible, meaning you can plug them in either way without worrying about orientation. This eliminates the frustration of trying to plug in a USB cable the right way up, making it more user-friendly.

Universal Compatibility - The clue is in the name. USB is Universal, making it the standard port on (almost) every electronic device you own. So gone are the days of needing to carry 12 cables with you on holiday, as everything can be charged with one!

Faster Data Transfer Speeds - USB-C supports faster data transfer rates compared to previous USB versions. This is great for tasks like transferring large files or backing up data as the whole process can be done much quicker than ever before.

Audio and Video Output - USB-C now supports audio and video transmission, making it a viable replacement for DisplayPort and HDMI. Again, this limits the amount of cables you’ll need to do anything, as USB-C can just about do it all!

Future-Proofing - As USB-C becomes the standard for most devices, investing in USB-C accessories and cables can help future-proof your tech setup. You won't have to worry about outdated connectors and can easily adapt to new devices as they hit the market.

And of course, E-Waste Reduction - As you slim your cable drawer down to just USB-C, you won’t have to get new cables for new devices, as you’ll already have what you need. This eliminates the need to throw out out-of-date cables, as they’ll still be supported by your new devices, thus reducing the amount of e-waste!


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As a company who proudly supports the push towards a greener future, we’re excited to see the positive ramifications of this switch to USB-C from the biggest tech company in the world. We’re one step closer to a cleaner planet, and we hope you’ll join us in moving this direction!

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