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Article published at: Apr 25, 2022 Article author: Inspirational Packaging Article tag: Eco
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Last Friday was the very important Earth Day in which communities around the world celebrate the Earth's natural spaces and bring to light important issues that need addressing in order to protect the natural beauties of our home planet. 


Following this, we want to keep the momentum going in support of everything Earth Day aims to highlight. If we want to keep improving, we need to be conscious of the impact we are having on our environment every day of the year, and so we've compiled a list of dates coming up in the next month for you to keep an eye on which will hopefully inspire you to start making small changes that can have a positive impact on our planet. 


 No Mow May

no mow may

For the entirety of the month of May, people around the country will be leaving their lawns to grow freely without interruption, encouraging wildflowers to grow for the pollinators that will be arriving this spring. This is the easiest thing for anyone to do as it essentially means doing nothing at all. Your lawn may look a bit unwieldy by the end, but we ask that you look the other way just for one month in favour of protecting the little pollinators whose vital work goes overlooked so often. 

 Walk to School Week (May 16-20)

walk to school week

For just one week in May, parents and children will be encouraged to walk to school (if possible), in order to cut down on traffic emissions, noise pollution from all the cars driving around, and of course to promote healthier habits for young people. With summer just around the corner, hopefully the weather will be nice and warm when the date rolls around, giving you no excuse not to make the most of the sunshine and walk to school!

Of course, this may be difficult for people who live further away than others, but consider dropping your kids off with their friends who live nearby and let them walk the rest of the way together. Hopefully, if things go well and the kids enjoy themselves, this can continue beyond the one week in May and become a regular occurrence. Even if you only decide to walk one day a week, that can make a significant cut to the emissions we produce on a daily basis.


 World Bee Day (May 20)

world bee day

It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone by now just how important bees are to the world's environment, being one of the major contributors to the sustainability and security of food produce, and pollinating the flowers that allow us all to breathe. Protecting our little fuzzy friends is of the utmost importance as, without them, things would be much harder for all of us. 

Bees have been subject to major misunderstanding for so long, but it's crucial that we now realise that they are here to protect us rather than harm us. Bees will not sting unless they feel threatened, as they can only sting once before dying, so they won't use it unless they feel they need to. Knowing this, you should feel safe allowing bees to do their jobs and live freely alongside us, rather than being scared of them.  


World Turtle Day (May 23) 

world turtle day

We're probably all aware of the dangers plastic waste poses to sea creatures such as turtles, as these materials can take hundreds of years to decompose and often wind up in the homes of these wild animals, with many finding themselves stuck in the sleeves of multi-pack cans, and plastic bags.

Many businesses have been reducing their plastic usage in recent years, and we're proud to say we have been doing exactly the same. Our aim is to eventually phase out every use of plastic in our products and only use recyclable materials. Recently we have been transitioning our Poppy boxes to FSC® certified paper to go alongside our other FSC® ranges such as Sunflower and Hybrid boxes. (FSC License No. C004309).

Our most popular packaging ranges are our recyclable products, such as our Poppy boxes, demonstrating just how important this matter has become to people in recent years. If you are still using plastic products, we'd like you to consider making the switch to sustainable products for the better of our planet, and we guarantee your customers will love it too! 


National Children's Gardening Week (May 28-June 5)

national children's gardening week


During the 'warm week' in May, children around the country are encouraged to get outside and learn to look after their gardens. It can be as simple as planting a few flowers for the bees to pollinate, or even growing their own vegetables. As this is typically a warm and sunny period in the UK, results can be seen almost instantly, so the kids shouldn't have to wait long to see their hard work come to fruition! 

It's vital to inspire the next generation to be mindful of their green spaces and encourage them to take an active role in the preservation of our wildlife in order to ensure the longevity of our planet, and help reduce the carbon emissions harming our environment. Though it's aimed at children, people of all ages are encouraged to get involved, as there's no bad time to start making a difference! 

These are just a handful of dates to be mindful of for the next month, however, there are plenty more to keep an eye on throughout the rest of the year made to inspire people to think more consciously about both the positive and negative impacts we all have on our world every day. 

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