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Article published at: Feb 15, 2023 Article author: Inspirational Packaging Article tag: Eco
valentine's day
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valentine's day
Can Valentine’s Day be Romantic, Low-Cost, and Green?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whilst it’s a beautiful holiday celebrating love, it can also be costly. With the cost-of-living crisis affecting everyone, saving money wherever possible can make a big difference. So, here are some low-cost and waste-free ideas for enjoying an excellent Valentine’s Day with your partner, your loved ones, or even yourself.
Make a Romantic Meal
Instead of splashing out on dinner in a fancy restaurant this Valentine’s Day, why not try cooking up a fabulous meal at home? You could plan this as a surprise for your other half, or if you both enjoy cooking, you could make it a fun date night and try making a brand-new recipe together.
Create a Cosy, Romantic Vibe
romantic candles
If you are staying home this Valentine’s Day, make it feel extra special by clearing all the clutter, cleaning up and lighting lots of candles. This will give a romantic vibe and encourage you to relax and get cosy.
Get Outside Together
If you’re looking for a fun Valentine’s Day date that won’t cost any money, get outside, and enjoy the great outdoors together. You can do something as simple as going for a walk, a run, or a cycle as long as you take the time to enjoy being together. It’s fun, good for your mental and physical health, brings you closer together, and is free.
Make Conscious Card Choices
If you’re exchanging Valentine’s cards with your loved one, choose a card made using Forest Stewardship Council® certified paper or a card. An FSC® product ensures the paper or card comes from a forest managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people who work there whilst ensuring economic viability. This small act from you makes a big difference to the world around us.
Gift Organic Flowers
flower bouquet
If you’re giving the gift of a beautiful bouquet this Valentine’s Day, ensure you purchase organic flowers, as these have less impact on the environment. Organic flower farming helps build soil fertility using composting techniques and crop rotation. This method reduces the use of artificial fertilisers, which can negatively affect the environment.

If you’re given lovely flowers this Valentine’s Day, why not try flower pressing to preserve them and enjoy them for longer? You could press the flowers and then frame the most beautiful ones.
Choose Sustainable Packaging
Use sustainable packaging if you’re giving gifts to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. For example, if you’re wrapping a present, ensure the wrapping paper you use is recyclable, or opt for reusable boxes or bags instead.

At Packaging World, we’re passionate about our commitment to the environment and are delighted to offer a wide range of sustainable packaging options. Our packaging options include a wide range of products made from eco-friendly paper, as well as those that are sourced exclusively from FSC certified forests.

If you have questions about eco-friendly packaging for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, our friendly customer service team is here to help. Get in touch by calling 01792 473 785 or by filling in our online contact form, and someone will be in touch soon.