World Entrepreneurs Day - August 21st

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Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy but often go overlooked. With over 5.5 million small businesses operating across the nation, these make up over 99% of the British private sector, employing roughly 48% of the working population. An incredible 4.1 million of these businesses employ nobody but the sole owner of the company, meaning 74% of UK businesses are one-person operations!
World Entrepreneurs Day
world entrepreneurs day
With World Entrepreneurs Day just over the horizon (August 21st!), we thought this would be an amazing time to stop and celebrate the incredible work that goes into running a small business, while highlighting some of the issues and hardships these businesses face on a regular basis.

As we already mentioned, the overwhelming majority of British businesses operate on a one-person rota, meaning everything from the initial concept, through production, website design, manufacturing, marketing, and finance management has to be handled by the one person running the business! To put that into perspective, think about how many people specialise in just one of these fields while working for a larger company. Most large businesses will even employ teams of people working for each specific department, making it even more incredible to see these small business owners deal with so many different aspects of running a business all by themselves!

With the majority of our customers being small businesses, and being one ourselves, we see on a daily basis what these companies have to go through to make ends meet and keep their businesses afloat.
Our Story
our story
Our own journey started back in 2004 when Natalie, originally from Guangzhou, China, travelled to Swansea (after a brief stint in Switzerland!) and began selling jewellery online. After noticing the rapid pace that fashion changes, Natalie wanted to focus on something that wouldn’t need to be constantly keeping up with seasonal trends, and decided to produce jewellery packaging instead!

Keeping in mind that English was not her first language, Natalie persevered with her idea, slowly growing the business into what it’s become today. With 10 staff proudly putting in the effort every day to help the company grow and improve, Packaging World now offers more than just jewellery packaging, but gift wrapping, bags, boxes, pouches, tissue paper, ribbons, and so much more, including eco-friendly and FSC® certified packaging, all thanks to the incredible work our small team put in regularly, and the support from our loyal customers who always return with a smile on their face!
Stand Out With Your Brand
stand out with your brand

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