Digital Printing

What is Digital Printing?

Using the latest printing technology, digital ink printing method enables us to spray the ink onto ready-made packaging. This offers you to personalise packaging in Pantone, CMYK, and multi-colour printing, with no minimum order quantity, no setup or stamp fee, and the long lead time required for a fully made to order packaging. This means you may order just one box, one bag or one pouch in whatever colour printing you desire and your order can be dispatched in 24 hours.

Whether the personalised packaging is for your loved ones, business, special occasions, events, or corporate gift wrap, sometimes getting the printing colour to the highest quality and the closest match possible is very important, and on top of that when you are short on notice, digital ink printing is the way to go.

Why choose Digital Printing?

  • Perfect for multi-colour printing
  • Can be Pantone colour matched
  • Idea for printing images
  • Great for small quantities
  • High quality print
  • Can print more detailed and complex graphics

Disadvantages of this printing method

  • Less cost effective for larger and repeat orders

What it can do for you

  • Perfect for multi-colour printing
  • Suitable for printing images (bitmap file needs to be a high resolution)
  • Great for small quantities
  • High quality print
  • Suitable for printing detailed logos

Minimum order and lead time

Typical lead-time for digital printing orders is 1-5 working days depending on the order quantity, artwork and printing colours etc.
Please email us to receive a quote for your order.


 Starting From

Jewellery Box


Gift Pouch


Paper Bag


Presentation Box



The printing process explained

What is a vector graphic?

A Vector file is made up of points and is just like a dot to dot without the numbers. Now imagine the dot to dot has been joined up with a pencil and is complete, this is a vector. The space inside the joined-up dots as well as the line between the joined-up dots themselves is the vector. Vectors are editable and these points can be deleted, moved around and more points added for example. This lends itself well to printed outcomes for 2 main reasons, it allows the vector to be enlarged very easily without the vector becoming blurrily and distorted, it also makes editing and changing the vector very easy to do.  

The following are vector file formats, which are suitable for printing

  • AI
  • EPS
  • SVG

Resaving a PDF, JPG, PSD or PNG file as one of the above file formats will not make it a vector file.


What is a bitmap graphic?

A Bitmap file is made up of loads of tiny dots called pixels these pixels form the shape of a Bitmap. This means a Bitmap is fixed in size and shape, this does not lend itself well for printing. This is due to 2 main reasons, they are generally lower quality to start off with so even if unchanged will print blurrily. Also due to the nature of the image type they do not scale up in size at all and will without question print blurred and distorted.

The following are bitmap file formats which are not suitable for printing:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • PSD
  • GIF

If you don’t have your artwork in a vector file format don't worry, we are more than happy to help and retrace your artwork for you for a small charge. The cost of doing this starts from £18, please contact us receive a quote.

Bitmap vs Vector

Below is a comparison of a vector and non-vector image. 

Vector Graphic Bitmap Graphic