Digital Printing

Why use digital ink printing?

If you have pantone or multi-coloured artwork and you require your order urgently, digital ink printing is for you.

Using the latest printing technology, digital ink printing method enables us to spray the ink onto ready-made packaging. This offers you to personalise packaging in pantone, CMYK, and multi-colour printing, with no minimum order quantity, no setup or stamp fee, and the long lead time required for a fully made to order packaging. This means you may order just one box, one bag or one pouch in whatever colour printing you desire and your order can be dispatched in 24 hours.
Whether the personalised packaging is for your loved ones, business, special occasions, events, or corporate gift wrap, sometimes getting the printing colour to the highest quality and the closest match possible is very important, and on top of that when you are short on notice, digital ink printing is the way to go.
Like everything, digital printing has its pros and cons. It may be less cost effective for larger and repeat orders. If pantone or multi-colour printing is not a must for you, we would recommend hot foiling or custom made to order items for larger and repeat orders.

Why not customise your own items?

Our brand new digital printer can print on many different materials such as paper, cardboard, acrylic, wood, board, plastic, fabric, leather, eco-leather, pens, mobile phone cases, customised corporate merchandise, signs, personalised awards, giftware, industrial goods, product prototypes and more. The item must be able to fit within the motorised bed of the printer so items cannot be larger than 700 x 300 x 100 (LxWxH).

Minimum order and lead-time:

Order quantity starts from a single item and the minimum spend is £12 plus VAT. Typical lead-time for digital printing orders is 1-5 working days depending on the order quantity, artwork and printing colours etc. Please email us to get a quote if you would like to order more than 48 units per size.

Artwork Requirements?  

Vector file, this can be AI, PDF, EPS or SVG. We cannot accept JPEG, PNG, PSD or GIF format.

A vector image is a computer-made image that is made up of points, lines, and curves that are based upon mathematical equations, rather than designated number of pixels. This means that no matter how large or small or how close you zoom in on the image, the lines, curves, and points remain smooth. There will never be jagged lines or blurriness with this kind of image, no matter how much it is enlarged. Also, colours are separated into specific shape areas, which makes changing colours within these images as easy as the click of a button.
Vector image Bitmap image

Printing Process

1. Contact us with your requirements (item codes, quantity, printing colour)
2. Receive a quote from us.
3. Email us your artwork as a vector image.
4. Once payment has been made, stock will be allocated for printing and ETA will be provided.
5. We will create a digital proof for you.
6. Once proof has been accepted, hot foil die will be made.
7. Wait for your stock to arrive.

How should I personalise my packaging?

Download the guide here

What can digital printing do?
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