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Ring Box

Explore our stunning ring boxes, available in an extensive range of captivating colours, styles, and finishes.
Read More... Whether you're a jeweller or an individual seeking ring boxes for presenting or selling exquisite rings, you'll find a wide-ranging selection within Packaging World's gift box collection. Our assortment of ring boxes offers abundant choices, whether you need a box for a wedding or engagement ring, or a container for earrings and other small treasures. These boxes, while being simple and cost-effective, maintain the quality necessary for safeguarding precious metals and glistening gemstones.
The ring boxes you'll discover here are crafted from recycled boxboard, a high-quality cardboard with a smooth finish. They come in a variety of colours, ranging from elegant ivory to timeless black. Each box features a foam insert in black or white, which can be easily removed as needed. These inserts have a dedicated space for securely accommodating rings.
Furthermore, these premium boxes can be customised and personalised, adding an extra touch of uniqueness to your gift or enabling jewellery shops to promote their brand effectively. Our ring boxes come in slightly varying sizes, so browse through the available options in terms of sizes and colours, and conveniently place your order online for swift delivery to your doorstep.
Are you in search of the perfect ring boxes for your jewellery-making business or small enterprise? Look no further! At Packaging World, we've curated a selection of ring boxes to cater to your diverse needs, whether you require wedding or engagement ring boxes, or smaller containers for earrings and other delicate jewellery pieces. Our ring boxes are a simple yet cost-effective choice, designed to showcase your rings and jewellery designs with an added touch of quality, perfect for housing precious metals and sparkling gemstones.
Our range of ring boxes comes in various materials, colours, designs, and styles to align with your brand's identity. Whether your brand exudes fashion-forward flair or prefers understated simplicity, you'll find a ring box that suits your unique style. Choose from our selection of kraft, white, grey, or black recycled ring boxes. For those seeking a touch of luxury, explore our two-toned ring shoulder box, suitable for various types of rings and jewellery.
Custom Engagement Ring Box: If you desire something bespoke to make your engagement ring box truly stand out and captivate your customers, we offer a bespoke service to create your ideal ring box. Our custom branding options are tailored in-house, and if you need a ring box with specific dimensions, we can create a bespoke solution to match your vision. Our in-house printing services include digital print and foil printing on our ring boxes, which can be executed with a glossy finish or other styles depending on your preference. This adds an exquisite touch to your custom boxes, creating a beautiful presentation for your business. To complete the look, we also offer printed ribbons and labels, ensuring a comprehensive shopping experience for your customers. If you require any assistance with custom printed boxes, our customer service team is ready to address your queries. Our in-house designer can assist with logos and help you achieve the best presentation for your chosen ring box.
Eco-Friendly Ring Boxes: Our ring boxes are crafted from recycled boxboard, a cardboard with a smooth finish. They are available in various colours, from ivory to black. Each box comes equipped with a black or white foam insert, which can be removed as needed. All our inserts have a cut-out section for neatly slotting in rings. Sustainable fashion is gaining prominence in the world, encouraging shoppers to seek out products with eco-friendly materials at an affordable price. Our mission is to make people think differently about their purchases and promote eco-friendly packaging for your ring boxes. This allows your customers to be part of the change in conscious shopping for the planet.
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